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Accommodation & Facilities

In Marrakech we use a good quality comfortable hotel such as the Moroccan House Hotel. Rooms are
on twin share basis with private facilities.

On hike we camp using two person tents with sewn in ground sheets or gîte  (simple mountain huts). Basic bedding and mattresses will be provided, but you should bring your own sleep-sheet and sleeping bag. As power in the villages may be limited you will need your own torch (and spare batteries). 
You are hiking through some of Morocco's most remote regions, so please be prepared for very basic washing and toilet facilities. Most often only cold water is available. Sometimes there is no running water, but there may be a stream nearby. Toilets will either be squat toilets or 'au naturel' - that is, using the local sheep pen or behind a nice rock!
You will need to bring your own towel, and should carry your own supply of toilet paper (available locally). Other useful items to bring include wet-wipes and disinfectant for hands. Toilet paper should be used sparingly, and should be burned safely and buried, or collected and taken out of the area for disposal. You should also bring matches/lighter and some resalable plastic bags. 
Although dwellings and facilities may be basic, if you leave behind your western ideals, you'll appreciate these wonderful communities to their fullest extent!!


Food & Drinks
All meals are provided during the hike. Food is bought locally, and the choice of food and availability of fresh items depends on the season. Breakfast is usually a simple affair of bread, jam, tea/ coffee. Lunches normally consist of salads, occasionally with eggs or tinned fish.
Dinners are normally traditional Berber-style meals of soup and tagine. Biscuits and trail-mix are supplied while walking, and of course plenty of mint tea! You may also like to bring your own snacks especially energy bars, chocolate, sweets and dried fruits.
Water and soft drinks are at your own expense, and are available to buy in many places during the hike (make sure you carry some small change in Moroccan Dirhams for this). Some bottled water should be purchased before the commencement of your trek (we suggest you start with 2-3 bottles for the first day) - excess supplies not required while hiking will be carried on the mules. You may like to bring your own water bottle and carrier (preferably insulated) for use during the hike. Water in streams along the trails should not be considered drinkable and should be treated with iodine or water purification tablets. You should bring your own supply as these are not available in Morocco.

Accommodation types and descriptions Accommodation

Description and explanation of various types of accommodation on offer throughout Morocco.

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Atlas and Rif Mountains accommodation1 Accommodation

Hotels and accommodation located in the various mountain ranges.

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City accommodation Accommodation

Hotels and accommodation located in the various cities of Morocco.

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Coastal accommodation Accommodation

Hotels and accommodation located on the Moroccan coast.

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Southern Morocco and the Saharan desert accommodation Accommodation

Hotels, camps and accommodation found to the south of the Atlas mountains and in the desert.


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